Hi, I’m Denys Vasylevskyy – Wedding Photographer.

Since 2005, I married with a very beautiful woman. We sincerely love our kids. Simply – we’re blessed family.

Several years ago, I had a hobby, it was very interesting hobby – photography. But I understood, that I could enjoy capturing anytime and anywhere. And I’m so happy, that my hobby become to passion, become to my lifestyle, seems like I was dreaming about that all my life.
What is the most important for me in wedding photography? Not bride and groom only, but also wife and husband in few and a lot of years later. What they will think about their wedding day after many years …

Every time on the shooting,  every time when I’m capturing so important moments for You – I’m  proud to be honored to be Your photographer

About - Wedding Photographer Syracuse NY

Denys Vasylevskyy - Fearless second shooter